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I have grown up surrounded by animals , including cats all my life, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a huge animal lover and thrive when surrounded by them. My family always had a host of animals including Burmese and Siamese accompanied by the odd moggy or two all of whom (although some in particular) I have adored. Growing up we had several litters of kittens which I always enjoyed helping with where I could.

The only time I have been without animals was whilst we were  living in London and teaching  which I found really hard, but I still had my 2 rescue African Greys anI had to have my cat fix every time I visited my Mum where my faithful Burmese BomBom was always waiting for me and never left my side for a moment. After moving to Suffolk  several years ago, we jumped at the chance of have our own Tonkinese breeding girls. Having loved the Siamese and Burmese breeds all my life I couldn’t decide which to go for and was going to get one of each. However many of the Siamese and Burmese had changed so much in appearance and type that I no longer found them to look like the cats that I had grown up with.It therefore seemed to make sense to go for the beautiful Tonkinese, a cross between the two breeds that looked so similar to cats we had previously owned.

Tonkinese cats are the perfect balance between the two , they really do give you the best of both breeds. Among their attributes are the fact that they are sociable, active, fun, cuddly and very curious , they have such wonderful natures!  

We owe a huge thanks to Pauline Mason for entrusting us with our first two breeding Queens. Pauline allowed us to have our two beautiful sisters Maia and Minerva. And since then we now have two wonderful homebred Tonkinini breeding girls. I am absolutely passionate about what I do and put 100% into every kitten that we are lucky enough to raise.

We adore country life surrounded by cats, parrots, chickens, ducks and  our five dogs There is never a dull moment and it’s a lot of fun along with some hard work but it never feels like work!

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