Minerva’s Kittens (now sold)

Minerva’s beautiful first litter of kittens have arrived. She has had 6 beautiful babies, we have 2 very sweet little boys and 4 lovely girls. The boys are blue and brown and we have 3 brown tortie girls and 1 chocolate tortie girl.

Minerva is an absolutely AMAZING mummy. She is a complete natural. I have never known her to be so happy and content, constantly purring!

Like Maia’s litter the kittens stay in our bedroom for the first 4 weeks and then move to the ‘kitten’ room for night times and allowed to explore the house at 6 weeks.

The sire of this litter  - Brek , belongs to the wonderful Lynda Scott of Dimovita Tonkinese,  Hon secretary of the Tonkinese Breed Club. Lynda is an absolute  font of Tonkinese knowledge and it is always  fantastic chatting to her. She has been extremely helpful.

Minerva adored Brek  right from the word go and I know that their kittens are going to turn out to be absolutely gorgeous!

They were all excellent weights and very lively, healthy babies!

These kittens have now all left for fantastic new homes. We have been so lucky in finding wonderful homes for them!

Brek -Lynda Scott of Dimovita’s lovely boy