Minerva and Rius’s beautiful litter of kittens have arrived. They are absolutely stunning! Minerva had a smooth birth and is now extremely content in fulfilling her mummy role. The kittens are excellent weights, big and healthy. We have 4 girls and 1 boy. There are two solid BCR coat patterns, and 3 Mink TCR.  As with all of our past kittens these babies will be given rose names, for us the kitten names are very important and have to be not only suited to their colouring but also their nature. We have now decided on the names Tonkinini Peter Pan (the boy), Tonkinini Maid Marion, Tonkinini Cinderella and Tonkinini Sleeping Beauty and Tonkinini Snow White.

 I am lucky getting to spend all day with these gorgeous little things. As always they are starting off in the kittening box next to our bed, any squeaking in the night and I can just peek over and check that all is well, they will move into the kitten room once they are old enough to start terrorising us in the night :) By about 6 weeks they will be given free reign of the house (apart from at night) to join in with all aspects of family life!

Here are some pictures of the new babies. As you can see both they and Mummy are wonderfully content! Minerva absolutely thrives with motherhood, she is a truly wonderful queen.. You will also see some with aunty Maia who is always happy to help.

Minerva looking happy, healthy and pregnant

Karen and Steve Mould’s lovely Stud boy Rius