Sphinx’s first litter of kittens arrived on the 25th August.  The father was Lynda Scott’s lovely boy Brek. These kittens were 4th generation and eligible for showing. We had 5 gorgeous tortie girls, 4 brown and 1 blue. All kittens have wonderful new homes, apart from Ilia who is staying with us here! You can see Ilia on our page ‘Our Girls’. She has grown up into the most wonderful and affectionate girl imaginable.

Sphinx - Mum

Brek stud

Sphinx had a gorgeous litter of 5 beautiful Tonk kittens on 25th August 2014. They were born right on time. Sphinx proved to be an amazing Mum and a complete natural! She loved her role as a Mum. Her babies were absolutely perfect. They were lovely healthy babies, extremely affectionate & confident and an absolute joy!

Minerva and Maia were also very attentive as always and enjoying helping out with cleaning duties. Minerva even decided to start producing milk when the kittens were around 10 weeks old, so they had an extra helping hand and heaps of nutrients!

Below you will see pictures of the growing babies and there are hundreds more on our facebook page for those interested.

We chose our usual Rose names which all our kittens have but with a theme:

Dapple Dawn, Lucky Sunrise, Misty Morning, Sunset Song & Evening Star

See the photo album of Sphinx’s babies below! You can see these little ones happy in their new homes on our ‘kittens in their new homes’ page.