Minerva looking happy, healthy and pregnant

Karen and Steve Mould’s lovely Stud boy Rius

Minerva’s Kittens

Minerva’s latest litter of Tonkinini’s have arrived. They came into the world on the 12th March. Minerva went in to labour at 12am, she had 4 little ones but sadly one was very badly herniated and so didn’t make it more than around 10 minutes, she then had  a long break between the two horns and resumed labour at 9am. She had another 4 gorgeous little ones resulting in a lovely, healthy litter of 7.

All the kittens were good birth weights with all being over 100g bar one little girl. One very big boy was 125g. They are gaining weight nicely.

All 7 babies are Chocolate since Mum and Dad are both chocolates and Dad doesn’t carry the dilute gene. We are pretty certain that they are all Mink and Point coat patterns as they are very pale in colour, all cream and white.

We have 4 little boys  ( or I should say big boys) and 3 sweet girls. We have named them now, sticking to our Rose names theme. All Tonkinini babies are named after different rose flowers.

Tonkinini Coconut ice,

 Tonkinini Peppermint twist

 Tonkinini Chocolate sundae

 Tonkinini Creme brûlée


 Butterscotch Tonkinini

Strawberry swirl

Tonkinini Lemon delight