Ilia’s Kittens

Our new litter of gorgeous Tonkinini’s have arrived. They came into the world on the 18th October. I was up and down with her all night and she began in the early hours. She had 6 perfect little ones and  no problems at all with birthing although she did want me to help with the after birth.

Sadly we lost the little blue solid girl after 24hrs. We don’t know why as they were all doing  great. Thankfully the other 5 are doing perfectly and are absolutely thriving!

We have a beautiful variety of colours. Blue, Lilac, Cream  in mink and solid coat pattern.  

They spent the first 3 weeks in our bedroom and have now gone through to the kitten room for the  fun and games to begin!

Ilia is proving to be an incredible first time Mum, she is totally devoted and barely leaves their side. Other than fo r a quick bite to eat.

They have all just discovered the joys of leaving the nest and exploring the kitten room. One has already started eating solids and most of them have discovered the litter tray…

They all have names and as always we are keeping  to our Rose names theme. All Tonkinini babies are named after different rose flowers and this time due to the timing of birth we went with Halloweeny themed names too…


Tonkinini Spellbinder


 Tonkinini Trickster

 Tonkinini Abracadabra

Tonkinini Pure Magic

 Tonkinini Hocus Pocus

Tonkinini Honeycomb


Hazel Hunters lovely Stud boy Brek