Before deciding on enquiring about one of our babies please do read through this thoroughly, we have had to turn people away before due to factors that are already mentioned below…

All of our  kittens will be  ready to leave home from  13-14 weeks old.  They will all be Registered as non - active with the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) and for pet/show (depending on the generation) only.  They will be  fully vaccinated against  feline panleucopaenia (or infectious enteritis), feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus (both causes of “cat flu”). You will be supplied with samples of the kitten’s favourite food and four weeks free insurance with Petplan.

As you can tell, our cats are very much a big  part of the family and therefore the kittens will grow up in a wonderful , thriving environment and they will be used to  many different people and also a variety of different animals including dogs and parrots - therefore very well socialised little things.

We are very lucky to have a dear vet friend who we made through our mutual love of cats and both being breeders. This means that everything we do is alongside our vets suggestion and recommendation. We are even lucky enough that she comes to give the kittens their jabs at home when possible, this means no pre developed fear of cars of vets from bad early experiences.

If you are chosen as one of our babies new parents, we will of course give you all  of  necessary paperwork and information to make it easy for your kitten to settle happily and easily into its new home. We are  always here for any queries and aftercare questions and we hugely appreciate updates and news on how our kittens are doing. We are lucky with all our homes to date, as we are in regular contact with them all, we love to hear how they are getting along and are always here to help or advise with anything at all!

 It is very important to us that our babies will be going to the right homes.  These kittens are members of our family and treated as such so we are extremely fussy about where they go. We therefore invite prospective families to visit us at least once after the initial contact and discussion before you decide if a Tonkinese kitten is right for you.

I would prefer the kittens to go to homes where there will be someone around for the majority of the time or at least another cat or kitten  if not. They are very social and are used to constant companionship. Tonkinese are not a breed that like solitary lifestyles and will not be content to simply sleep all day. They are extremely interactive and want to be involved in everything! Therefore if you have no other cats we will suggest that 2 are far better than one. It makes the transition far easier too and a life of happiness for them and companionship for you!

Tonkinese cats do not have very good road sense. We ask that our kittens  go to "in-house"  only homes. You can  have them with you supervised in the garden on a harness but please then bring them inside!

We do require new owners to microchip their kittens always, it is best to do this at the same time as neutering.

We also ask that if for any reason your circumstances change that we must be offered first refusal of the cat/kitten. He or she must be offered back to the breeder rather than to another source.

For more information regarding  the wonderful Tonkinese  breed please visit the following links:

I would also highly recommend buying the book Tonkinese Cats by Linda Vousden. It is important to know about the breed before deciding if  a Tonk is right for you.

If you are thinking of purchasing a collar for your cat or kitten I can highly recommend kittyboo or a very special site! PrittyKitty, these collars are made by one of our Tonkinini Mum’s. They are absolutely fantastic and are made to fit any size! They have the required safety catches and they are very beautiful! Tonkinini Mums & Dads also get 10% off which is well worth it!

Many thanks to Nathalie Todd for taking such beautiful photos of our babies! Anyone thinking of having pictures done (as you can see they are really worth it) do go to Nathalie's website She is wonderful and will put you and your animals completely at ease!

If you would like to read more about the Stud cats that we use please visit:  



We breed kittens with health and temperament at the forefront of everything. Our kittens are our pride and joy. They are lovingly brought up in the best environment that we can possibly give them. We know that they will make wonderful companions! Please read all the information on this page before contacting us as it is absolutely vital that our babies find the right homes.

Minerva's latest litter are here!

Minerva’s litter of 6 perfect little bundles have arrived.  The father was Hazel Hunters lovely brown boy Teddy.  These kittens are a mix of Chocolate Lilac & Brown. We have 1 lovely cheeky girl & 5 gorgeous boys. All kittens are doing great, lovely weights and very active! Minerva is being an amazing Mum as always. Please scroll further down the page for more information.We also update our facebook almost daily with photos and videos so please do visit by clicking here: Tonkinini Facebook

If you would like to be placed on our kitten waiting list for future litters or enquire about current kittens please call 07970 494513 or email with as much about yourself as possible……

Please read all the information on this page very carefully before calling or emailing. We really do want our kittens to go to the best homes only and will only consider perfect Tonky parents with heaps of love to give.

Tonkinese Kittens


Hazel Hunters lovely Stud boy Brek

Minerva’s Kittens

Our new litter of gorgeous Tonkinini’s have arrived. They came into the world on the 25th Februrary after several days of keeping me on my toes. Arrivals started around 7pm and all 6 beautiful babies were here by 10pm. First one out was a monkey and hard work for Minerva but the rest came easily. She as always wanted help from me, team work is best :)

They are all thriving and doing wonderfully and seem to be growing hugely every day! Minerva is in her element, as always an amazing mum!

We have a beautiful variety of colours. Brown, Lilac & Chocolate  in mink and solid coat pattern.  

We have 5 beautiful boys and 1 girlie :)

They all have names and as always we are keeping  to our Rose names theme. All Tonkinini babies are named after different rose flowers and this time due to them keeping me on my toes in so many ways they have naughty names…


Tonkinini Little Mischief


 Tonkinini Cheeky Monkey

Tonkinini Double Trouble

 Tonkinini Wild Child

 Tonkinini Little Rascal

Tonkinini Naughty but Nice