Kittens in their new homes

Natalija and Helen are owned by 3 wonderful babies from Minerva’s  1st litter. They are such fantastic owners and such caring people. These cats literally have everything they could ever want and are spoilt rotten. I am very lucky too, to be able to hear about the babies so regularly is a dream and I feel so happy! As you can see I receive many regular photos and updates, a breeders dream!

We must also say a well done to all 3 of these Tonks who did extremely well at the Tonkinese Breed show and brought home many firsts! They also all received their merit certificates!

Introducing Tonkinini Ginger Nut (Grammy-Pete), Tonkinini Blue Moon (Alphie) and Tonkinini Cinnamon Toast (Tosya)

Pia is the slave of 2 fabulous girls also from Minerva’s  1st litter. Again we were truly lucky to find such a kind and caring  Mummy for the babies. They are very at home, sharing breakfast with Pia and being treated like Princesses!

Introducing Tonkinini Crème Caramela (Rose) and Tonkinini Cafe Latte (Pearl)

Michael and Christopher took one of Maia’s kittens, Inca Lily  to her new home in Grantham . She was, and still is a little madam but a very wonderful and special girl. As you can see she has turned into a stunning cat and is enjoying being spoilt and treated like royalty hence crown in the pictures courtesy of Michael :) Inca Lily features weekly in Michael’s YouTube videos  too so she is a little celebrity already!

Introducing Tonkinini  Inca Lily

Jennie and her lovely family have one beautiful boy from  Minerva’s  1st litter. This stunning little man adores family life. He already loves the two resident dogs and enjoys bedtime stories with Jennie’s little boy. He settled in from the moment he arrived with them and is one very laid back chap as you can see.

Introducing Tonkinini  Spiced Coffee (Toogo)

Jennifer and Neil  have the one boy from Minerva’s 2nd litter. He is an extremely handsome and big boy!  He is completely doted on and has the most wonderful home. He now has 2 Tonk (unrelated) sisters, a dachshund and 2 parrots for company… Home from home! We are again hugely lucky  to hear from Jennifer so often and receive heartwarming updates and photos. He is developing into the most stunning young man.

Introducing Tonkinini  Cloud Dancer (Mowgli)

These two little sisters from Minerva’s 2nd litter went together to Jane in Surrey, coincidently only a few miles away from Mowgli. They are much loved members of the family and already very happy in their family home and with the children.

Introducing Tonkinini Snow Owl and Tonkinini Honey Butter

These two lucky girls now named Saba & Suki are already extremely well settled. They are already ruling the roost and being spoilt rotten! Apparently they love riding around in a dolls pram, pinching everyone’s breakfasts and generally being little monkeys… but what Tonks aren't?!  They are wonderful companions for the entire family! Such lucky girls!

Introducing Tonkinini  Maid Marion (Suki) & Tonkinini Sleeping Beauty (Saba)

Next we have these darlings who are now living in bliss with Sarah and her fabulous family. Again they settled almost instantly and are living a life of love and luxury. They both love their bedtime cuddles and generally being fully pampered!

Introducing Tonkinini  Peter Pan (Fezziwig) & Tonkinini Snow White (Jellicle)

Meet this gorgeous madame who owns her humans and is extremely happy! This little girl went to join Susan & John and their current Tonk Dora. Already Dora and Ella are best pals and partners in crime! They get up to all sorts of mischief, much of which you can see on our facebook page. Happy girls who tease poor Tom the poodle! Ella loves helping dry her mum after a shower and has a purr like a motorbike!

Introducing Tonkinini Cinderella (Ella)

Two of Sphinx’s kittens are very lucky to have gone to a wonderful home in the black country and even more special, a relation of the owners of Fezziwig & Jellicle! So this means that feline Aunty and Uncle get to see their neices! Here they are enjoying Christmas altogether. They are absolutely adored and totally spoilt by their Dad!

Introducing Tonkinini Sunset Song (Too-Ticky) & Tonkinini Dapple Dawn (JooJoo)

The next two of Sphinx’s kittens made a VERY special one off journey with their new family…..

Raina and Erika came all the way from Norway  to meet our Tonkinini’s. Raina and I met through our love of Tonkinese several years ago and since the death of her beloved Kaja wanted 2 more tonks but there are none in Norway.

So after a huge amount of planning they came to the UK to collect their babies. They spent 2 nights with us so that the kittens could get really used to them. As you will see from the photos below they were a huge hit, especially Erika.

On the 3rd day we packed the babies bags and I drove them all to Heathrow. We made sure that everything was as perfect as possible, the babies were given Zyclene for several days before and a calmer on the day. We had a litter tray stop at Heathrow (compliant babies obliged)  Raina had also made sure they had the best airline carrier possible, thanks also to other kind Tonkinese friends.

The babies then flew in the cabin with Raina and Erika to Norway, a long journey, over 13hrs in total consisting of 3 different flights but they were absolutely good as gold and exceeded all our expectations. It was the HUGEST relief to know they had landed safely as I had worried about this day since they were born but all went without a hitch. Special thanks to our wonderful vet, Kat who prepared them so well.

Anyway… a very happy ending, the two tonks are now in Norway and just loving every minute of their perfect new life. They are spoiled completely rotten already and loved to the moon and back! It was worth it all to send them to such a perfect home where they will want for nothing.

Introducing Tonkinini Lucky Sunrise (Lucky Lulu) & Tonkinini Evening Star (Star/Nini)