We are absolutely devastated to say that our dear little girl died on the 10.7.2013. We will never replace such a amazing , beautiful thing. My heart is broken but she had a very happy short little life and died peacefully in her sleep following a happy day in the sun chasing the bees and sleeping on our bed as always. I am sure we will see her again one day. We think that being so so small her little heart just couldn’t cope and gave up. She will never be forgotten, we think of her every day and have wonderful memories and beautiful pictures.

For those that didn’t know her or her story - Little Brownie (Owly) was absolutely tiny at birth and most people didn’t believe that she would survive. But she defied all the odds and survived SO many obstacles with a lot of tlc and the help of our wonderful vet (a breeder herself) and the fact that she was a little fighter in every way! I could literally write a book on Brownie!  She was a little miracle and a wonderful, brave and very much loved girl that we could NEVER have parted with . Despite being a quirky little thing, the amount of people who wanted to cat nap her was amazing, everyone fell in love with her but she stayed firmly put in our happy home.

Brown Miracle Rose

The other very important girl to give a write up to, is my wonderful deceased Burmese BomBom - Kupro Honeybee bred by Joyce Dell. If it weren’t for her and our other Burmese whilst I was growing up we would have never found Tonks. BomBom was the most wonderful girl. Totally loyal, loving and extremely special. I had her from the age of 10 right up until her 18th year. She went through everything with me and even used to tolerate being dressed in dolls clothes. She was the most faithful of any cat, she waited for me at the door every time that I came home and accompanied me always, normally slung over my shoulder. She was another real ‘bedtime’ cat and slept tucked up next to me every single night. I still miss her dearly but what a legacy she has left behind. It’s amazing how an animal can impact on you, not only was she my companion but my best friend.

Thank you little BomBom for inspiring me to continue feline adventures.