Our girls

Taleh Chiang Maia - Maia is our blue eyed brown point Tonkinese. Maia is extremely loving but can be a rather demanding little madam. She is happiest on a comfy lap  or inside a bed if you are in it or even sitting on the bath  (again whilst you are in it!) She follows one around the house wherever you might go.  In fact Maia will cry if she is shut out or in a different room, so she is like our shadow. Maia is also one of the nosiest cats that I have ever encountered, she cannot bear not to know exactly what is going on at any time.  Being hugely affectionate, one often feels a little prickle of claws on the back of ones legs which is the signal that she wants to be picked up and carried around! (Apparently I have over indulged her which could NEVER be true!) Maia is now a neuter girl but  lives a very  happy, peaceful life as an Aunty. She takes her maternal role extremely seriously,, she is the matriarch of the household and is a huge help with new kittens often helping with births and always helping with after care duties…

Champion Taleh Ko Samui - Minerva is our lovely DNA tested Chocolate Mink Tonkinese.  Sister to Maia, and now a Champion having gained her 3 CC certificates at the 3 shows she has been to. Minerva is much quieter than her sister but has such a sweet, kind nature. She is always just content to  be around one even if a little more in the background. She is also the more agile of the two and seems to have acquired more of a  hunting  instinct although luckily because the girls only go into the garden whilst we are out we haven’t encountered any unwanted ‘presents’…    She is very caring and incredibly maternal! She even produced milk for her daughters litter and helped with all mother duties! She absolutely loves a stroke and has a very loud purr!  She also has a penchant for the edge of the bath especially when it is occupied! Minerva is the most wonderful Mummy that you could possibly wish for, therefore she makes the best Queen and absolutely thrives on looking after a brood of babies whether her own or not.

Our Beautiful Girls

We absolutely adore our Tonkinese girls as I am sure you will gather from all of our pictures. They are a huge part of our family and that is the by far the most important thing for us along with health. They are all from excellent lines with several Champions & Grand Champions in their pedigrees. We show some of our girls (depending on how they feel about journeys and being admired) those that have been shown are doing extremely well. Minerva is now a Champion having gained CC’s at her first 3 shows and Ilia has one CC towards hers and we will continue towards this once her kittens have grown up.  They are beautiful, healthy and wonderful examples of the Tonkinese Breed. We hope you enjoy learning about them…

Tonkinini French Vanilla - Sphinx. This gorgeous homebred girl is from Minerva’s litter born 2nd August 2013. She is a 3rd generation Tonk, DNA tested Chocolate Point and carries dilute. Her father is Chocolatedot of Tyrius and grandsire the famous Grand Champion Angisan Xanadoo Shadow. It was very difficult choosing between the girls from the litter as they were all absolutely perfect but something about Sphinx led us to our choice. She is a lovely girl, delicate, petite and of course extremely beautiful. She had her first litter in August 2014, a stunning bundle of 5 tortie girls, she absolutely thrived being a mother and was faultless! Please do go to our kitten page, past kitten page and facebook to see heaps of photos of her babies.

Tonkinini Misty Morning - Ilia, is another homebred girlie. Ilia is from Sphinx’s first beautiful litter, her sire the very gorgeous Brek belonging to Lynda Scott of Dimovita. She is a 4th gen blue tortie with a mink coat pattern. She is a gorgeous and extremely loving girl. The biggest in the litter from birth, she is a beautiful, healthy  tonk with the most fabulous temperament, she has enjoyed going to several shows as a kitten and did very well. .She also gained her first CC towards a Champion certificate at her first adult show. This has been put on hold for her to become a mummy.

She is the the biggest diva of all our girls and a complete princess.. She makes all her wants known very clearly and will be certain to inspect any one who comes to visit us :) She’s very loving and a typical tonk likes to be involved in everything, whether changing the sheets or  decorating the Christmas tree.

Ilia had her first litter on 18th October and has been a devoted and wonderful Mum! She didn’t lose any condition at all and has thrived having a litter.