Maia’s Kittens

Our first litter of Tonkinese kittens have arrived! They were born a few days late on the 21st October. This litter is from our lovely girl Maia. The  Sire  that we  used is one of Pauline Mason’s cats - Taleh Midas of Toshiki. He is a very sweet natured red boy.  Pauline has been  a great help  since we bought our two girls and her cats are all lovely!

Maia had two little baby girls from this litter which was her first  but they are both already utterly gorgeous and we are so excited! Mummy Maia was a rather a demanding little girl initially (no changes there…) She was only content to be in whatever room I was in with her babies which can make life a little difficult...    

She was NOT happy in a kittening room so I  resorted to taking her igloo (where she decided  her babies were safe)  from the sitting room to my bedroom for her and babies to be happy! The things we do for our animals!

They remained in my bedroom for the first 4 weeks and have now been moved into the spare kittening room where they are all very happy and able to explore without waking me up in the middle of the night! They spend the entire day romping around the house and gaining valuable life experiences!

 The kittens are already extremely well socialised. They already love human company as well as their own kind... They are the most affectionate little things and will make fantastic additions to any home! They each have wonderful but differing personalities already .

The colours are -  one brown  tortie (brownie)  and one brown point tortie. (Inca)  We are definitely keeping little brownie as she was the runt of the litter and Inca has now been reserved and is going to a wonderful and very special , loving home in Grantham.

Midas Pauline Mason’s boy